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[Timothy Morge] Market Geometry
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Welcome Traders
Learn from one of the premier commodity and currency traders in the world

Let me introduce myself. I’m Timothy Morge and I’ve worked at the largest financial institutions in the world as a commodities and currency trader. My mentors and the training I received were from people only available to these institutions. Now, after 40 years experience, I am sharing my experience and expertise with new traders.

Learning to trade with me at my educational center MarketGeometry is a process that involves dedication. I tell my students there is no “magic trick” or “holy grail” or any other shortcut. We don’t run chat rooms or market buy/sell signals. I teach you my technical analysis methodology as well as sound money management and sensible risk vs reward analysis.

MarketGeometry offers many resources at no charge to help you get to know us before committing your time and money to our classes. I encourage you to explore thoroughly so you understand what we are all about.

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